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Our incredible Christmas Call Answering Offer is BACK for 2020!

I know you might not be expecting millions of calls, over Christmas & the New Year.

But 80% of people won’t leave a voicemail.

Just one missed call could be worth £££ to your business (like it was for Mark – we took a £1500 order in the first week, that he’d have missed otherwise!). 

If ever there was a year where you needed to take a well-earned break in your business, to have some time to yourself – THIS IS THE YEAR!

So if you want complete peace of mind, that you’re not missing ANY new business coming in…

Let us handle ALL your calls for just £50 with our Unlimited Call Answering Service.

We’re ONLY closed on Christmas Day, Boxing Day & New Year’s Day.

Otherwise, we’ll be here for the whole festive season, answering your calls & keeping your business open, while you take a well-earned break.

To get started >> Call 02920695999

Here’s how it works:

For just £50, we’ll handle ALL your calls for 2 weeks over Christmas – Friday 18th December 2020 to Monday 4th January 2020.

Simply divert your calls to us (super simple – we’ll walk you through it).

We’ll record ALL your business information in our system, so it’s at our fingertips to help & serve your callers.

About your service; your team; your location & your opening hours (honestly, we’ve been doing this for over 15 years – so we know the right questions to ask you!).

When your calls come in – we don’t just take a basic message. Our AMP team (real humans!) take the time to serve your callers.

We find out exactly what they need & provide them with answers, in a super friendly & helpful way.

They feel valued, listened to & supported (we all know happy clients say longer & spend more money!).

You get a detailed email or text message. Immediately.

Not just “Mr Smith rang, pls call back”.

But telling you exactly what Mr Smith wants. What we’ve done for him & how we left the call.

So you know what (if anything) needs your attention over Christmas; and what’s been handled, until you’re back at your desk.

Any specific calls you don’t want to miss – just let us know & we’ll patch them through to you.

And that’s it. Simple. Just click here to schedule a quick Q&A call, to get the ball rolling!

But it means you don’t miss ANY new business, when you don’t want to be working.

No disgruntled customers that can’t reach you.

No new business slipping through your fingers.

You won’t be diving for your phone, to discover it’s a spam call disturbing your family time.

No worries if staff call in sick between Christmas & New Year.

And most of all, you can PROPERLY switch off from your business. No checking your phone every 5 minutes, in case you’ve missed anything urgent.

We’ll deal with it all for you, for just £50.

(That’s £50 Call Answering for the whole period, by the way – 18rd Dec to 4rd Jan. Nothing hidden & nothing extra!).

We’ll be here manning the phones anyway, for our hundreds of other happy customers.

And we’d love to help you too.

To find out more or to get the ball rolling >>> Call 02920695999

or click here to schedule a quick call in our calendar.

Here’s to your most profitable & stress-free Christmas yet!

Del, Ade & your AMP Team