As a young business, I see the value in not missing any calls that could be new business and money in the bank. Every time that I miss a call, I could be missing an opportunity to grow my business, and that is important. Adrian’s is in the business of getting me more business. If I am not able to take a call, one of his staff will answer my calls on my behalf in a very professional and friendly manner. They don’t just answer my calls, but they also qualify the caller taking out the ‘spam’ factor that many of us are getting used to these days. Cross-selling, up-selling, and even telesales, all attributes that each of his staff members possess. If I can’t get to the phone or I need a holiday from the stresses of day-to-day working life, I know that Adrian and his staff are there to make sure that no matter what, I never miss an opportunity to grow my business. Thanks Adrian