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  • quote blue icon are a very flexible service and a better solution for our business than having a full time receptionist. If we are all out on location filming then they handle all our calls. If not we may choose to take some or all calls (yes even the annoying cold calls that they filter so well for us)! It’s great to have the choice and to be able to ‘leave the business’ in the hands of people who know what it’s about and who can effectively handle and manage enquires for us. It’s a cracking service!

    Dewi Diesel Evans

    Cracking Productions

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    Adrian’s business does exactly what it says on the tin; they have answered my phone for my biz on many occasions, for many months and the service is second to none, simply put it provides you with a really good secretary without the salary commitment. If you ever have trouble getting to answer your phone due to meetings or hands on work, then you need to call Adrian, having a person answer your phone rather than a recorded message will ensure business is won rather than missed. Excellent!

    Evan Rees

    Vision Clean

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    We have been using for years at Liberty and have no plans to stop now. A good, reliable service from a very friendly bunch. We have also passed their details onto a number of our clients who also feel the same way.

    Gareth Morgan

    Liberty Marketing

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    Adrian provided an excellent service and I’m very happy to give him a reference. I would be extremely pleased to employ his services again. We had no problems and calls were always handled professionally – great work!

    John Baguley

    International Fundraising Consultants

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    As a young business, I see the value in not missing any calls that could be new business and money in the bank. Every time that I miss a call, I could be missing an opportunity to grow my business, and that is important. Adrian’s is in the business of getting me more business. If I am not able to take a call, one of his staff will answer my calls on my behalf in a very professional and friendly manner. They don’t just answer my calls, but they also qualify the caller taking out the ‘spam’ factor that many of us are getting used to these days. Cross-selling, up-selling, and even telesales, all attributes that each of his staff members possess. If I can’t get to the phone or I need a holiday from the stresses of day-to-day working life, I know that Adrian and his staff are there to make sure that no matter what, I never miss an opportunity to grow my business. Thanks Adrian

    Allan Blair Beaton

    Social BIIB

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    Adrian and his team are quite simply fantastic at what they do. In 2009 I jointly ran a business in Reading dealing with specialist tax planning for High net worth individuals. I hired Adrian and his team to deal with all calls we received from our clients and other professional introducers to our company. They delivered top quality information to us each time they took a call. Due to the nature of the business, timing was everything and the speed of AnswerMyPhone’s response was astounding. Thank you Adrian and AnswerMyPhone, I have no hesitation in recommending your service to those who may need it.

    Gethin John

    Accountants Plus

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    I am more than happy to recommend Adrian and his team at, We use their services as an overflow for our incoming calls and our customers and suppliers have always complemented on how well the phone was answered and how prompt the messages had been passed on, not realizing they had been directed through to a call centre. I will continue to recommended Adrian and his team and their services to anyone looking for Professional Answering Services

    Ryan Griffiths

    Definitive Networks

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    I have been utilising Adrian’s services since November 2010. Both he and his team offer a professional and friendly service, and I would recommend to any prospective clients.

    Matthew Epps


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