So when we say you get an expert call management service – we really mean it.

We started life as an outbound calling company, making sales appointments for our clients. And we were staggered by the sheer number of businesses who just weren’t answering the phone.

It was crazy! Ok, we were making sales calls. But the lost opportunities & value of all those calls they were missing from potential customers astounded us.

How could they afford not to pick up their phones?

AMP Staff
AMP Staff

Over time, we began answering calls for our clients, instead of making them. And Answer My Phone was born!

You might be sceptical when we say we’re passionate about telephone answering. But it’s more than that. We’re passionate about customer service. You know how it feels – when you need that problem solving right now & you don’t get the support you need. When you take the time & effort to call a business & you can tell the person on the end of the line is distracted & couldn’t care less. Or worse, when you get voicemail & they never bother to call you back.

It’s rubbish! Does it leave you feeling great about that company – feeling like a valued customer & wanting to give them your money? No!

It’s such a simple thing. But we KNOW that delivering amazing service for your callers, every single time, can be hard to get right when there’s so much going on in your business.

So that’s where we come in…

We’re on a mission. We want to change expectations of customer service in the UK. We want to set the standard – ‘this is how it should be done’.

Our clients are all business owners. And we want to empower our clients to grow. So you never miss a sale, keep your clients longer AND have more time & energy to build your business, when you’re not being interrupted by the phone all day long.

Instead, all your callers are served by our lovely, friendly & professional team, here in Cardiff. We answer your calls sounding exactly like you. It’s seamless & your customers, suppliers & prospects will never know we’re not part of your in-house team.

Anyway! Enough about us. We’d love to help you.

Why not take your 2-Week FREE Trial & try our award-winning telephone answering service for yourself?

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I could say that Adrian “answers our phones” but that would be doing him a disservice! When we are all dealing with clients Adrian and his team is our customer interface! They do far more then “just take the call”, they provide a level of service that requires initiative, knowledge and commitment. If they weren’t up to it… our customers would have told us!

Ray Prusak

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We have worked with Adrian on several projects and he is always professional, hardworking, creative and delivers on time. I would have no hesitation in recommending him to others looking for telephone answering services and appointment /sales calls.

Liz Gibbs Murray

Hawthorne Accountancy

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I have used on several occasions as phone support on marketing campaigns we have run. The service we received was very professional and was a great help to us in developing new business

Kevin Ogden

Horizon Digital Media

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