What Is a Professional Answering Service?

Not every business has the resources to have a call centre or customer service department. But just because your organisation is small, it doesn’t mean you can’t think big or grow. A professional business answering service picks up the phone calls you can’t.

Our team of friendly call handlers will pick up your calls and support your customers in the same way you would. The flexible service means you won’t lose customers because you miss the call or your hands are full. Best of all, having a virtual receptionist is affordable.

But you’ve worked SO hard to build your business! How do you know you can trust us?

We’ve served thousands of happy customers, over the last 15 years. We’re experts are what we do.

Click here to see what our clients say! We’re not a big, anonymous call centre – but specialise in the providing a friendly, personal touch for your callers.

Want to talk more? Click here to book a 15-min Q&A call now. And we’ll fill you in on exactly how it could work for YOUR business!

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What to Expect From Answermyphone’s Call Answering Service

Getting started using our service is simple. In a few quick steps, we’ll act like your remote receptionist or an inbound call centre with customer service that exceeds your expectations.

We Learn the Facts

Answering the phone is more than just To give informed service to your customers, we need to know about your products and services. If we’re clued up, we can confidently talk to your customers on your behalf.

Before we start taking your calls, we’ll get as much information as necessary and add it to our system. This means our customer service representatives will have the knowledge to hand at all times.

We Learn Your Style

We answer your calls the way you would. Getting your customer service style just right is important to us. Everything from the initial greeting to how we end the call will match your brand.

Whether your customers are calling to book a table, arrange for a service quote, learn your opening hours, or find out directions, we’ve got you covered.

When your customers call us, they won’t know they’re not talking to your team in Liverpool. The experience we deliver will match the service offered by your in-house team.

You Forward the Calls

If you want to divert calls to us all of the time, once in a while, or at specific set times, we can help. Our UK calls answering service is flexible and straightforward to use, meaning you can flex up whenever you need to.

Expecting calls from important clients? Let us know, and we’ll forward these straight through.

You Get the Message

We’ll give you all the essential details from the call we take for you immediately. You’ll get this in a convenient text or email, making it easier to do callbacks.

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