Improve Your Connection With Customers With Our Slough Phone Answering Service

Whether you have an abundance of customers calling you or not, your phone lines and your employees can quickly get tied up tackling their queries in a way that ensures the best experience.

Adding more phone lines and team members to take the calls isn’t always possible. These influxes are especially challenging when you have peaks and troughs in the volume of your customer interactions.

Instead of pouring money that you may not have into ways to meet this demand, there is a simpler, more cost-effective option. And it’s an option that’s flexible, allowing you to deal with the fluctuations in customer numbers effortlessly.

With our Slough live answering service, you can take your business to the next level without changing your staffing or infrastructure. Simply forward your calls to us, and we’ll provide your customers with the same great service they expect from you.

But you’ve worked SO hard to build your business! How do you know you can trust us?

We’ve served thousands of happy customers, over the last 15 years. We’re experts are what we do.

Click here to see what our clients say! We’re not a big, anonymous call centre – but specialise in the providing a friendly, personal touch for your callers.

Want to talk more? Click here to book a 15-min Q&A call now. And we’ll fill you in on exactly how it could work for YOUR business!

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How Our Slough Call Answering Service Works

Working with, we’ll act as your Slough virtual receptionist and call centre all rolled into one. Here’s what you can expect.

We Learn Your Products and Services

Whatever industry you’re in, we’ll learn about what you do so we can answer customer questions and take bookings and messages. Our team will have access to the information your customers will ask for. This might include opening hours, directions, product and service information, and more.

The better we know what you do, the more seamless the experience will be for your customers.

We Speak With Your Voice

If you have a particular customer service style or brand voice, we’ll learn this too. We want your customers to feel confident knowing they’re talking to you.

We Take Your Calls

Once we’re set up, you can start forwarding your calls to us. You can send calls through as often as you need. We’ll show you how to turn on call forwarding so you’re ready for any busy periods or times when you’re unable to answer.

When your customers come through to us, they’ll get amazing on-brand customer service.

We Keep You In the Loop

Whether we take a booking, provide information, or take a message, you’ll get an email or text notification with the details of every call we handle. That way, you can follow up with customers when needed.

Try Our Slough Telephone Answering Service Today

We’re here and ready to act as your Slough call centre. Our call answering service is flexible, affordable, and easy to use. Get in touch with us today to discuss your needs and try our services for free.

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