What Is a Professional Answering Service?

Do you ever have days where the phone won’t stop ringing? At times like those, it seems impossible to get anything done. Maybe you run a new business based in Cornwall, and you don’t have enough employees, phones, or computers to handle the demand.

Speaking to your customers shouldn’t come as a trade off for actually delivering the services you offer. Instead of trying to juggle everything, and struggling, let us answer your calls.

Answermyphone.biz is a business answering service. That means you divert your calls to us, and our friendly and helpful team will answer them on your behalf. We provide telephone support for your customers. Best of all, they’ll think they’re talking directly to your team.

But you’ve worked SO hard to build your business! How do you know you can trust us?

We’ve served thousands of happy customers, over the last 15 years. We’re experts are what we do.

Click here to see what our clients say! We’re not a big, anonymous call centre – but specialise in the providing a friendly, personal touch for your callers.

Want to talk more? Click here to book a 15-min Q&A call now. And we’ll fill you in on exactly how it could work for YOUR business!

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How Our UK Call Answering Service Works

Our services are simple, affordable, and flexible. Here’s how outsourced call handling works.

Bring Us Up to Speed

You know your products and services like nobody else. But when talking to your customers, we want the confidence to help them. This is why we’ll gather as much information as we need to deliver exceptional service your customers will trust.

You might have a few questions you get asked a lot. You may need us to take bookings or simply provide directions and opening times. Any relevant information you give us will go on file, and our team can access it when needed.

We’ll Match Your Brand Voice

The way you answer your calls can say a lot about your business. If you need us to follow a script or simply greet people in a friendly way, we can match your brand voice and deliver the kind of service you and your customers want and expect.

Divert Your Calls to Us

Once we’re set up and ready to go, you can divert your calls to our professional answering service. You can decide when you need us to pick up calls. We can answer all your calls, or you can use our services when you need them.

We’ll talk you through how to divert to us when needed.

Get Prompt and Accurate Call Information

Whenever we get off the phone with one of your customers, you’ll get the information from that call immediately. We may have taken a booking or gathered up information for a follow-up call. You’ll get an email or text will accurate details so you can take the necessary action.

Connect to Our Cornwall Telephone Answer Service Today

Don’t keep your customers waiting. Our Cornwall telephone answer service is more than just straightforward call forwarding. We provide fantastic customer service on every call. Best of all, our live answering service is affordable and flexible.

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