Specialise in double glazing? We do, too. And we’d love to help you grow YOUR business in 2020!

  • Every single call you miss (even just the odd few)…
  • Every single message & new enquiry, that’s not followed up with fast…
  • Every single appointment that gets cancelled & not re-booked…

It’s all adds up to £££ that’s not in your pocket. Watch this quick video now, to see how we can help!

Double glazing is an industry unlike any other. You need a team you can rely on – to help & serve your customers brilliantly; upsell and cross-sell at every turn AND ensure no opportunity to make more money slips through your fingers. As Miall says, we become an integral part of your team. Enabling your business to grow faster, at a fraction of the cost of hiring in-house…
We’re NOT a call centre. We are a team of highly trained customer service experts, based in Cardiff. And when we manage your calls, it’s so seamless that your callers never know it’s not your staff they’re speaking to!

Why choose Answer My Phone?

Founded by Del & Ade almost 15 years ago, we’re on a mission to change the face of customer service in the UK.
We love what we do & we’re very good at it!
We’ve worked with thousands of business owners, who understand the value of keeping their customers happy & maximising every new lead that comes in.
For your customers (and potential customers) – we’re a listening ear. They get exemplary customer service, every time they contact your business, without ever realising you’ve handed the job over to us.
Because happy customers spend more money, stay with you longer AND leave you rave reviews online!

So if YOU want:

  • To never frustrate your customers or miss valuable sales calls again;
  • To maximise your marketing, optimising every single lead that comes in;
  • To know your customers are being served brilliantly – and choose YOU for their new windows, doors or conservatory;
  • AND more time to grow your business, without being interrupted by the phone…

Then take a 2-Week FREE Trial of our award-winning Call Answering Service NOW!

Here's how it works...

A 2-Week FREE trial? What’s the catch?

There (genuinely) isn’t one!

It’s just the best way for you to test us out; see how well we manage your calls & understand exactly which package will be the best fit for your business.
We don’t even take your billing details. If it’s not right for you, simply stop diverting your calls to us after two weeks & we’ll always be here if you need us in future.

Or if it’s working brilliantly, stay with us month to month – with NO contract tying you in.
Prices start from £349 a month, for your full bronze ‘Sales + Service 100’ package.

Here’s how it works:

  • Divert your calls to us (quick & easy – we’ll walk you through)…
  • Either all the time or just your overflow calls
  • We answer your calls using your business greeting, exactly like you would
  • Get accurate, detailed messages immediately, by email or text
  • And appointments booked straight into your system
  • For following up with your leads, just send them over & we’ll do the rest.

And don’t worry about the spam calls – we filter them out & never include them in your monthly call package!


Take the next step now: Just call our team today on 02920 695999

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“Very flexible – better than a full-time receptionist”
“Answer My Phone are a very flexible service and a better solution for our business than having a full-time receptionist.
“When we’re all out on location filming, they handle all our calls. If not, we may choose to take some or all calls (yes, even the annoying cold calls that they filter so well for us!).
“It’s great to have the choice and to be able to leave our business in the hands of people who know what it’s about and who can effectively handle and manage enquires for us. It’s a cracking service!”

Dewi Diesel Evans

Cracking Productions

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“Like a really good secretary – without the salary!”
“Answer My Phone deliver on their promise! They have answered my phone for many months and the service is second to none.
“Simply put, it provides you with a really good secretary without the salary commitment.
“If you ever have trouble getting to your phone due to meetings or hands-on work, then you need to call Answer My Phone.
“Having a person answer your phone rather than a recorded message ensures business is won rather than missed. Excellent!”

Evan Rees

Vision Clean