Call Handling Management

Call handling management is much more than just taking a name, number and message. That’s just the beginning. Real-time decision making affects how successfully your inbound and outbound calls are handled and subsequently processed.
Although not a million miles from our core telephone answering service, there’s much more lying beneath the surface.

How is Call Handling Different from Telephone Answering?

Quality call handling skills are acquired and perfected through training and experience so that calls can be qualified and the next course of action decided on. Tone of voice, politeness, perception, attentiveness, attention to detail, confidence and knowledge all play important parts when dealing with calls. Customers require resolution to their queries and expert call handling can guide callers to a positive outcome as part of quality customer care.


Who are

Based in Cardiff, South Wales, we are a multi-award winning provider of call minding solutions to clients spread all over the UK. We become your hub of operations so that you can free yourself to organise your day more effectively. Since 2005, we’ve taken the pressure away from small businesses so they can increase productivity and grow. No more nuisance calls or unwanted distractions, we take care of them all for you.


The Risks of poor Call-handling

Answering the phone when travelling, eating or with ambient noise in the background are big no-no’s when it comes to projecting a professional image. Worse still, only 30% of callers actually engage with an answerphone with 7 out 10 customers ending relationships because of poor customer care. It’s not so much a case of whether you can afford to outsource your call-handling – it’s more a question of whether you can afford not to.


Will Callers Know that I’m Using an Outsourced Call Provider?

Not unless you tell them! We employ state-of the-art software systems which recognize the caller’s number and immediately display all your company’s details on screen. We can then confidently answer in your business name using scripts as an outline without sounding robotic like many other companies. The caller will never know the difference. Details of any messages are immediately emailed to you in case you choose to act on them.


Outbound Calls

Our outbound call management services enable you to create even more time to concentrate on what’s most important during your working day. From electricians, plumbers and hairdressers over to alternative health practitioners, accountants and digital agencies – we can help you tighten the grip on how you run your business. Call overflow, helpdesk support, lead following-ups, diary management, appointment setting and event reminding are all areas in which we provide expert cover.

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We offer a completely FREE 2 week trial so you can sample our industry-leading support which our clients rely on. No set-up costs, just a detailed look at how you operate so we can prepare to be the face of your business. When you are suitably impressed, you can extend the service using a rolling monthly arrangement and no contract. Easy, affordable, and with no pressure.

What they’re saying…

“There are lots of telephone call answering services around, but, in our experience, very few who do a proper good job. Ade, Delyth and their team are, without doubt, streets ahead of the other companies we have put our trust in and we've found them to be ultra efficient and super reliable. If you're on the lookout for a call answering service, try AMP - I can say with some certainty that you won't be sorry.”
Mike Warren - Per Call Ltd
Mike Warren
Per Call Ltd