I was asked the other day: “What are your thoughts on this year?”

Now I know for some of us in business, it has been the most horrendous & challenging year to date, and most of us will be glad to see the back of it!

It’s been exhausting, but to be perfectly honest, as I look back, I’ve actually really enjoyed it!

Let me explain:


It has been a really difficult year, there’s no doubt about that – It’s been frustrating & It’s been worrying.

I’m sure we can all agree, we’ve had all sorts of different emotions this year. It’s really shaken things up.

But in some ways this has been one of the the best years yet for me & AnswerMyPhone.biz because, I don’t know about you, for the last couple of years – we have been coasting.

We were quite happy with the way things were going. We had great customers, we were getting plenty of leads coming in, we were making a decent profit!

“Everything’s going great” we thought!

Then COVID hit.

It was a slap in my face.

It stopped us dead in our tracks. This was a massive wake-up call for me.

I stood up and took notice.


We were forced to work & think in different ways, and you know what? I’ve loved it.

Our customers had to adapt their businesses – so we’ve adapted to serve them.

Pubs have turned into shops, training companies are delivering their courses online, networking companies who would normally meet 500 people in a room are conduct their business on Teams, which is fantastic!

Some of our customers are Estate Agents, and rather than completely close, they evolved!

Online Agent Cardiff & Bay City Living started doing virtual video viewings on properties to let and I think they’ve had one of their record years this year!

And we’re learning different ways of marketing the business, because to cut through the traffic, we’ve got to stand-out from the competition!

It’s too easy in business to get complacent, but as the business owner, we should always be evolving and pushing ourselves forward. That’s our job.

In life, nothing stays the same, nothing ever stands still.

We won’t be taking things for granted ever again.


The heading is a bit dramatic, but that’s what it feels like!

We’ve got really close to our clients, especially the early part of the year.

We were really keeping in touch with everyone to make sure that they were okay and had everything they needed. 

We’ve really developed a sense of community & togetherness between us & our customers.

We’re not alone, every business has gone through one thing or the other this year.

But I’m sure we can all agree, we are now better prepared & more experience business owners going into next year.

So before we say good riddance to 2021, let’s all take a moment to praise ourselves for what we’ve achieved in 2020.

Let’s be proud of how far we’ve come, and then look forward now to 2021, with a better head on our shoulders than we had this time last year.

Delyth Jones