“I had 2 calls on Friday & I want to know who took those calls.”

This was one of our clients, my heart started thumping.

“I want you to know that I’ve sold on both of those calls. The money from those sales will pay for your Telephone Answering Service for the next 3 YEARS!”

“I’m ecstatic” he said.

By this point, so was I (if you saw this minute-long Facebook video at the time, you’ll see the grin on my face).

He’s happy. His clients are happy. We’re happy.

It’s win-win-win.

And this is exactly what we do for our clients – day in, day out, with our Award-Winning Telephone Answering. 

There’s a world of difference between someone answering your phone & relaying basic messages – to having someone (hint – us) expertly manage your calls.

It’s about relationships. We didn’t realise this, back in the day (or a least didn’t give it enough credit). We just talked about telephone answering. But SO many of our clients begin to feel like we’re part of their team.

We’ve all got to find pleasure in our businesses (otherwise why bother?), because taking your calls & sending over “Jim called, please phone back” messages brings me zero joy, zero satisfaction and is not massively helpful for you.

A detailed message, telling you exactly why Jim called, what he asked & what he needs? That’s helpful.

Getting to know Jim every time he calls & greeting him like the important client of yours he really is?

Now That’s valuable.

I mean actual cash in your pocket valuable (we all KNOW customers who have a great experience stay with you longer, spend more money & refer you to everyone they know).

But Jim never knows it’s us. Jim just thinks it’s your fabulous, friendly & helpful team, doing what he needs.

Jim will probably even ask who your new staff are (ask me how I know – happens all the time!).

And our team here are bloomin’ fabulous. All of them, headed up by Tanya. We don’t hire for skill (our training does that) so much as decent, kind people, who love to help & get a kick out of doing a great job. We’re very lucky to have them.

This call felt great. Helping our clients win MORE business & make more money feels great.

If you still don’t believe me (which I completely understand), there are systems behind the people too.

Your calls come in & all the crucial details about your business flash up on our screen. The more you give us, the more we can help and serve your callers.

We know how often a caller rings you; notes from their last call; how many times they’ve called today. Who’s on your team; directions to your business & your opening hours.

We can see super detailed info, if that’s what you want – to answer your caller’s questions & act as your front-line customer service helpdesk. We do this for some pretty technical businesses.

We’ll sell your services; upsell and cross-sell your services; and drive referrals with all the calls we manage.

We can see your diary; your availability & book appointments straight in. If that’s what you want too.

We filter out the spam calls too, so you never waste your life dealing with them.

All FREE for 2 whole weeks. 

So much better than a half-decent receptionist (unless they’re fully sales trained like our team).

If any of this sounds even vaguely interesting, why not take a 2-week free trial of our award-winning telephone answering?

It’s unlimited.

You’ll get ALL your calls expertly answered during that time, so you can see if a) it’s helpful;  b) how much time you save; c) how many calls you’re actually missing (usually more than you think) + d) if you like us; and e) how much more £££ you make.

After your 2 weeks are up, you can either choose to keep working with us or not. There’s genuinely no pressure and no hard sell (we don’t need to) and no ridiculous auto-billing.

Here’s where you can do it now just leave your name & number & we’ll call you to set your free trial up.
Or you can give me a quick shout on 02920695999 or book a free call here. 

That’s it for this week – but honestly, I’m chuffed about that client. Maybe we can do the same for you?!



P.S. Also – if you want to see that video after he rang, here’s the link again. It’s only 60 secs. Not often you’ll catch me grinning like that!