Hi everyone! Ade here from AnswerMyPhone.biz.

Just a quick update for you about a new client that’s come on board with us – Essex Blinds Direct.

They are a family run business with over 20 years experience in designing, creating & offering bespoke Venetian, Roller & Vertical blinds at budget-friendly prices:

Ben Morton, business owner of Essex Blinds Direct, signed-up for our 2 Week Call-Answering Free-Trial after reading our 5-star reviews on Google.

He rang us half-way through his trial to say:

“You guys are fantastic! I wish we’d found out about you years ago! Where do I sign?!”

And that’s exactly what he did! We were so chuffed!

We absolutely love working with forward-thinking business owners like Ben!

When we take on new clients here at AMP, we ask them:

“How has AnswerMyPhone.biz benefited your company?!”

Ben and 100’s of our clients like him give so many reasons of how AMP have helped them.

He said what really stood out for him during his 2 week free-trial, from a personal and business perspective were that AMP:

“Freed up my time to do what I’m good at: i.e. fitting blinds, rather than just spending my day picking up my phone checking my messages!”

“When I’m home from work, I’d usually have to go through my mobile to check my messages and missed calls which would take me nearly 2 hours every single night”

Ben has saved 40 hours a month of his own time just by outsourcing his calls & messages to us, so he can focus on working ON his business not IN!

We’ve given Ben an extra 2 hours back of his time that he can now spend with his family. He’s got that much needed headspace.

He doesn’t think about those niggly things that needed doing in his business the moment he wakes up like he used to!

We can’t wait to answer his calls and watch Essex Blinds Direct grow during the next few years! They are exactly the forward-thinking business that we love working with here at AMP.

There’s so many ways that we’ve helped him! And there’s so many ways in which we could help you!

We all know how important it is to choose the right people to help you with your business!

So to find out how we can help, give us a ring on 02920 695999 or follow the link to the website below:


We’d love to help!


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