Will my callers know they are calling a Telephone Answering Service? Will they KNOW it’s not my business they’re speaking to?

It’s a question we get asked a LOT, when our clients first start using our Telephone Answering Service with us here Answer My Phone.

And we get it!

You’ve spent a long time building your business, nurturing relationships with your customers.

Especially your most important or highest-value clients.

Your customers call and speak directly to you, or your team. It’s what they expect. And trusting someone else to do this for you is a big leap.

The last thing you want is for those callers to not get the service they’re used to. To get incorrect information. Or – worst of all – for your customer experience to suffer.

But! There is a way.

Truly – we’re professionals at what we do. We have decades of experiences, serving businesses just like yours, in all sorts of sectors – from IT and telecoms, to financial services, marketing agencies, leisure businesses, sole traders, accountants & legal firms.

So how DOES it work? How CAN we do this for you?


1. When you start working with us, we get to know your business, inside out.

Just like Hazel’s comments above – we get to know the intricacies of your business. So when your callers ring, it’s just like one of your team were helping them out.

Lots of telephone answering services charge you at set-up fee, when you start using them

We don’t. And we never, ever will.

Because we see getting to know you as a fundamental part of our relationship. How can we serve your callers, if we don’t truly understand your business?

Together, we learn all about your products and/or services. We learn about your marketing strategies; how new clients find you, and what kind of information they need when they first call.

We understand your ethos & your culture; your ‘voice’ and how your business communicates. We learn where you are, to give directions. We discover how customers can book with you or buy from you.

And then all of this information is recorded in our rather smart system – so when we take your calls, we have all the crucial details right at our fingertips.

2. Ok – so how exactly will you answer my calls?

However you want! Our system tells us that it’s a call for your business – and we’ll answer using your chosen greeting. Exactly like your team do.

“Good morning, ABC Finance Company – how can I help?

Again, your chosen greeting gets recorded in our system, so you get complete peace of mind that every single call is handled as you’d like.

3. My business is pretty technical. Can you really answer my calls in the same way we do?

We work with some super technical businesses – and we put the systems in place, to make sure we have the information we need to help your callers.

Like our IT clients, for example. When we act as their front-of-house helpdesk, we often take calls from their customers facing complex IT problems.

For these clients, we log-in to their support platforms & raise a support ticket. We learn the essential questions to ask, and the important details of the problems that need to be captured.

And that way, their technicians can simply solve the problems – freeing up loads of time, without them needing to be stuck on the phone, raising the tickets in-house.

Or for our law firm clients. Callers can often be stressed, fearful & panicking. They have a major problem & they need help.

We understand how to re-assure them and we can immediately send all the relevant information over to our clients, so they can take the next steps. Fast.

So – yes. However technical your business may be, we can ensure your calls are handled with the right level of knowledge, care & detail.

4. I’m still not sure. Our callers like to be able to speak with us…

Well – obviously, in using a telephone answering service, this will change.

It’s a shift in the way you work.

But in our experience, this truly isn’t a bad thing.

It’s easy for all of us to spend a whole lot of unproductive time, taking calls that don’t lead to more sales. That don’t drive our business forwards. And don’t help take us to where we want to be.

It’s amazing how much more you & your team can get done, when we take these calls for you!

Of course, you can give us a ‘VIP’ list – so if Mr X or Mrs Y calls, we patch it straight through to you.

We relay your messages to you immediately, you can make a return call within minutes (should you wish to do so!)

5. How do I know it’s working – and that my callers are happy?

It’s simple, your customers tell you! – because they think we’re sitting in their office.

(You can see lots more about what our clients say, like Hazel’s comments above – click here to take a look!)

The best way to see how it works is to take your FREE 2-week Trial now.

You can mystery call your own business at any time – and that way, you can experience the exact same service your callers are getting. For proper peace of mind!

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And truly, your callers will never know it’s NOT your in-house team they’re calling!

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