We all KNOW that video is pretty much essential now, to grow your business.

For some reason, I’ve been putting it off (for way longer than I care to admit!).

It’s made me think. I can’t be the only business owner who wants to do video – but is feeling apprehensive?!

So I figured, why not start there with our first ever Answer My Phone Facebook Live? It seems a helpful thing to talk about…

>> Click here to watch it now! <<

1. What’s stopping YOU from using video in your business?

For me, the biggest block was what the heck to talk about every week.

We’re call management experts. We answer our clients calls, so they can get on with running their business. But there’s only so much you can say about telephone answering!

And then I thought – you know what? I’ve been in business for 20 years. I’ve grown a couple of businesses & I know quite a lot about what it takes. So why don’t I talk about that?

I guess it’s the same for you? Even if you’re still early on in your business journey, you’re still 10 steps ahead of other people. There’s SO much knowledge in your head that if you share with your audience, they WILL find helpful & interesting!

But where to start?

I made a list of 10 topics – from getting more sales in, to creating an amazing culture – and having that list made me feel a bit more confident. It’s given me more structure, too.

What could YOU talk about? (We talked about a few ideas for this on the Live too!)

Who would want to listen to what I’ve got to say?!

This was another major sticking point for me. As I think it is for a lot of us!

The answer? I’ve simply decided not to worry about it.

Videos are like life. Not everyone likes you – and that’s ok.

In fact, is a good thing! Because not everyone is meant to be your client. The whole point of using video in your business is to bring more of the RIGHT customers in. And when they see the real you on camera, they connect with you. The right clients – your ideal clients – are attracted to you. And you repel everyone else, who aren’t the people you really want to work with anyway.

I’ll lose a stone. And THEN I’ll start doing video…

Yes, this is massively embarrassing to admit. But it’s true.

In truth, this is really what’s been holding me back.

And then I’d think “oh, maybe my hair needs cutting. I’ll wait until my next hair appointment.

It’s nonsense. They are all excuses not to get started.

We’re letting our fear of rejection get the better of us. And it 100% holds you back from getting more customers & growing your business.

Is it worth paying that price?


Yes, I’m out of my comfort zone (as you’ll see on the video – click here to watch it now!). But it’s like anything in life – the more of anything you do, the better you get.

Let’s be honest – no-ones CARES how you look! They’re listening to the words coming out of your mouth & thinking about their own business or life.

So let’s just get on & do it.

2. What do you need to do, to convince yourself to just get on with it?

80% of all internet traffic is video.

That’s a fact. And it’s only going one way.

If we’re not showing up consistently on video – helping our prospects get to know, like & trust us – we are missing a HUGE opportunity.

Every month that passes, you’re getting further & further behind.

Every month that passes, you’re missing out on more & more potential new business.

And honestly? That’s enough to convince me!

BUT I know you’re busy. And video is one more thing on your to-do list…

This is the bit where I tell you how I can help (always a good way to finish your videos!).

If you need more time, to grow your business – why not let us handle your calls? Even if you don’t get millions, that time on the phone soon stacks up.

And if you’re dealing with routine stuff – talking to suppliers, taking sales calls etc – why not invest that time to GROW your business instead? Like creating more videos?

– You get your messages instantly & accurately.
– We sound exactly like you (they’ll never know it’s not your team they’re talking to!).
– And your callers get amazing customer service, every time they contact your business.

Prices start from £99 p/m for your first 35 calls (exc. spam calls – we filter those out for free). So it hardly breaks the bank, to get that time back.

For a chat about taking a 2 Week FREE Trial, just call 02920 695999 today or email me personally, delyth@answermyphone.biz.

Here’s the link again, to watch the live.

And if this has spurred you on to start doing videos too – truly, I’d LOVE to know!

Until next time