A brilliant client of ours, Dawn, had a cheque land on her doormat for £50.

She wasn’t expecting it. It was made out to her personally (rather than her business). And she used the money to surprise her 13-year-old son, with the new trainers he’s been nagging for.

We sent Dawn that cheque.

So it’s nice to know we’ve made a teenage boy very happy!

But it DID make me think.

Dawn’s been a client of ours at Answer My Phone for a few months now. Very kindly, she mentioned us to a friend of hers – who runs an IT company. He struggles to answer support calls, when all his technicians are on the phone already or out on site with clients.

He got in touch, took his 2-Week Free Trial & is now a client too.

So to say thank you to Dawn, we wrote the cheque for £50 & hot-footed it to the Post Office.

But here’s the thing.

We always do this. Always. Whenever someone refers a new client to us, we ALWAYS send £50 to say thank you.

It’s just – and I’m embarrassed to admit this – until now, we’ve not really told anyone about it.

Honestly? I’m not sure why!

So this week’s quick blog is just to let you know:

If you think we do a great job;
And you refer us to someone, who then becomes a client;
We’ll send you a cheque for £50. For YOU (not your business) – to spend on absolutely anything that takes your fancy.

Like champagne. Lunch somewhere nice. Stuff for the kids. Or just a tank of petrol in your car…

When someone first takes a Free Trial, our system is set up to ask & record how they’ve come to us. So we’ll know it’s YOU that’s referred them.

And then the very day they become a client, we’ll find a stamp & your £50 will wing it’s way to you.

It really IS that simple.

To find out more (or if you want to let us know you’ve sent someone our way), just email delyth@answermyphone.biz or give the team a call on 02920 695999.

Seriously – we’d be over the moon to send you £50!

Until next time,