When did you last take a break from your business? I mean a proper, switch-off-and-don’t-worry-about-it-all kind of break?

As you read this, Ade and I are in Cornwall. We get away a few times a year & Cornwall is always one of our favourite places to come.

But it never used to be that way.

Back in the early days of our business (I’m talking well over a decade ago!) – getting away felt almost impossible, let alone being able to switch off, knowing everything was taken care of while we’re away.

We were still growing our team back then. It’s hard when you work alone & if you don’t work, the money stops coming in. Harder again if there’s no-one to deal with the enquiries. So it stays quiet once you’re back.

Having the right team of people has made all the difference for us. By ‘right’, I mean our in-house team (who work SO hard) and who we trust 100%. But I also mean people outside of your business, who can keep the wheels turning for you while you lie in the sun & sip a cocktail or two (even if its in your garden!)

For us, that means outsourcing. Like the brilliant guys who are building our new website. Our outsourced marketing team, so work on our social media & email marketing doesn’t all grind to a halt while we’re away.

And – you can see where I’m going with this! – someone to manage all your calls too, while you’re not there.

You might not realise that we offer short-term holiday cover – but we do!

We can handle all your calls for a week or two, while you’re enjoying some well-deserved time-off from your business. So you have 100% peace of mind that your clients are being served brilliantly & you never miss a £££ lead coming in, ready for when you get back.

Here’s how it works:

• Divert your calls to us while you’re on holiday (super simple – we do most of the work & will walk you through the whole process).

• We’ll ask you everything we need to know about your business & record it all in our centralised system. So we have everything to hand to help your callers, each time they ring.

• We answer your calls using your business name & with your chosen greeting, sounding exactly like you.

• We’ll help & serve your callers, answer their queries & do anything we can to help.

• You’ll get you messages immediately & accurately, by email or text (so you can check them when it suits YOU – and not interrupt that precious family time!).

• What about your VIP callers that you really want to speak to while you’re away (if any)? We can always patch them straight through.

But the best news? It’s super affordable too. Our short-term telephone answering is just £35 per week and then £1.99 per call (don’t worry about the spam calls – we filter those out & never charge you for them!).

When you think of the cost of losing just one sales call while you’re away, it’s well worth it. Not to mention the peace of mind, so you can relax knowing everything is taken care of back at the office.

We can even keep manning the phones for a few extra days once you’re back, so there’s one less thing on your plate while you catch up with everything.

So! To get the ball rolling or find out more:

– Click here book a call with me
– Call our team now on 02920 695999
– Or email me personally, delyth@answermyphone.biz.

We’d love to help – and here’s to your most relaxing break ever!