So Del & I braved the world of networking this week (for the first time in ages).

We used to go out networking a lot. And then we just kind of…stopped.

Honestly? I don’t love going to meetings like this.

The business was growing steadily (as it still is). And the desire to get up at 5:45am for a bacon roll with a load of other business owners abandoned me.

So I stopped going.

BUT recently, we were looking at our numbers & exactly where our clients have come from over the last few years.

And I was (genuinely) staggered when I realised just HOW much of our business has been built on the relationships we’ve made in real life.

Let alone all the referrals that come through those connections.

And how long those clients then tend to stay with us, as a result of those deeper relationships.

The truth is that networking – done properly – can be a rich source of new clients, when you invest that time & energy in showing up regularly, developing a level of trust & building those relationships.

Now I feel an idiot that I didn’t realise the full impact sooner.

So back out to networking events we go! 2 so far this week, including a trip to Cardiff City Stadium (always fun).

We won’t see returns overnight, of course. But over the coming weeks & months, I KNOW it’ll make a difference as we get to know everyone & work to nurture those relationships.

My philosophy with any networking event is just to show up, chat, get to know people & and help the others in the room in any way I can.

It’s all about the relationships – do that well & the sales will always follow!

Two final things:

1) If something’s working to grow your business, don’t be a fool (like me) and stop doing it. Or at least not without serious consideration & knowing the real ROI first.

2) If you ARE getting out there (in real-life, online or wherever) and the leads are coming in – don’t risk throwing it all away by a) missing their call or b) not dealing with their call properly & converting them into paying clients.

That’s exactly what we do – make sure you never miss a call. AND we serve your callers brilliantly, to maximise every single lead & keep your existing clients raving about how amazingly friendly & helpful your team are (us – they just don’t realise it).

So if that sounds interesting, you can always take a 2-week FREE trial here & give us a go for yourself.

It’s 100% no strings (we don’t even take your billing details – although we probably should).

If we’re not right for you after 2 weeks, there’s no hard feelings. We say farewell, wish you well & tag you as hopeless case in our CRM.

If you love us (and I warn you – 95% of people who try us don’t want to go back to answering their own phones again), we’ll crack on for as long as you want us to.

£99 per month for your first 35 calls; £1.99 per call thereafter – and we can always do other stuff for you too (like managing your diary; booking customer appointments straight into your system; calling shortlisted candidates to arrange interviews for you etc).

No more wasting your life on spam calls either – let us waste our time instead. And we won’t even charge for you it (although again – we probably should).

Here’s the link again. Take a look & see if you fancy it.

Right, back to it – the phones are ringing non-stop here today!