Telephone Answering

Does Telephone Answering REALLY help businesses grow?!

Well – yes! Our Telephone Answering Service can!

And to show you how, in this week’s blog we’re sharing a true success story with you: Our clients Heath Windows & Doors.

Back in 2013, we took on a new client called Miall Hardwick. He was the owner of a brand-new start up, Heath Windows & Doors.

Miall was an impressive guy, incredibly focused & determined. His rather ambitious aim was “to be the BEST double glazing company in South Wales”.

And we knew we could help him on his journey.

Within 6 weeks of sharing this dream with us, Miall’s turnover had doubled.

By week 10, it had risen by another 60%.

18 months later, the number of enquiries coming in was so high that he employed a full-time Sales Manager, to help manage the load.

By 2017, Olympic sprinter Colin Jackson launched the opening of Heath’s new showroom, at a moment in time where they’d become a £million company…

He’d done it.

So how DID our AMP Telephone Answering service help?

From the start, Miall wanted to build the best double glazing company.

Not the largest or biggest, but the best.

And he recognised that to become the best, he HAD to provide world-class customer service – but he couldn’t do it all by himself.

For many of us business owners, there was a time at the start when we did everything ourselves.

Delivering your product or service, sales, marketing, all of the admin stuff, bookkeeping, stock control, paying the bills, cleaning the bathrooms…everything. And Miall was no different.

He answered calls. He visited potential customers, processed quotes, ordered stock and managed all of the fitting and service appointments (sound familiar?!).

But this left him very little time to focus on growing the business and achieving his dream of opening a showroom.

Thanks to a recommendation from a friend, Miall got in touch with us. During his 2-Week Free Trial, we answered all of the calls that Miall couldn’t take himself.

And by the end of the fortnight, we’d taken 17 enquiries from potential customers – ones that Miall would have missed out on. He secured these sales & was sold on the benefits of working with us.

As well as answering his calls, once the 2-Week Free Trial was over, we also took over managing his diary & booking appointments.

This meant Miall could focus on visiting customers, rather than spending his valuable time answering the phone.

We made the perfect partnership. Miall was SO focused on providing the best possible service, that his customers didn’t dream of going anywhere else.

When his customers called Heath Windows & Doors (for any reason), we handled their enquiry with our usual enthusiastic, professional & friendly service. They never realised it WASN’T Miall’s in-house team they were speaking with.

Here’s what Miall had to say…

Heath Windows & Doors continue to go from strength to strength – just recently winning a ‘Highly Commended’ award at the Cardiff Business Awards.

We love working with them.

And we’re very proud of all Miall has achieved.

However big or small your business is and however huge your ambitions may be – we truly CAN help you achieve them.

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