This month marks the 10th anniversary of Distinct IT joining us as a client of here at AMP (you can see their MD Billy, above!)

And it’s something we’re very proud. It just goes to show that telephone answering can be a brilliant long-term solution for you, as your business grows.

Watch Distinct IT’s video testimonial above that they’ve kindly recorded for us!


“In the early days, when I first started out, I needed to be out on site with clients – dealing with problems on site, hand-holding & providing the one-to-one service that we specialise in”

It’s true for SO many of our clients, in the early days, because you can’t be in two places at once! It’s hard to be out getting business in AND in the office, serving your clients.

There’s nothing worse than a new client trying to call but not being able to reach you. It’s easy to underestimate just how much this can undermine confidence in a new business.

And of course, the overhead of a receptionist or an admin team is never easy to fund from cashflow, at the beginning.

For Distinct IT, using our call answering services provided a brilliant solution:

“Answer My Phone were there at that time & enabled us to be out on site – but also to have that back office support, making sure my phones were answered & my customers got to speak to somebody they believed were a part of our team”

They could focus on growing their business, safe in the knowledge that we were handling all of their calls & back-office support. Happy days!

But what next?

Can telephone answering REALLY keep working for you, rather than hiring in-house?


“…Answer My Phone have become part of our team. To get to where we’ve gotten now would have taken a LOT longer without them. They’ve enabled us to grow to where we are now, much more streamlined & reducing our costs – giving our customers the confidence there’s a back-end team here, ready to help them”

And I really think this is key, about WHY telephone answering can work so well for you, as your business grows:

It keeps your back-office costs low.

There’s no need to add salaries for back-office support. Our telephone answering services cost a fraction of what you’d need to pay, so you can invest that cashflow in growing your business, instead.

It streamlines your systems & guarantees continuity of service for your customers.

You don’t have to worry about finding, training & managing staff – or worry about the level of service they’re providing for your customers, when you’re not there.

You don’t have to produce training manuals, supervision programmes or staff handbooks (never a fun job!) – because you can just use our tried-and-tested systems, instead.

And your clients get complete continuity of service. You KNOW your calls are being taken care of – day in, day out. There’s no worries about being stuck when your receptionist calls in sick; finding holiday cover for them; or scrambling to re-hire if they leave.

So as your business expands, you can focus on the important stuff – without having to worry about the run-of-the-mill back-office work.

It gives your customers confidence in your business

We’ve all been there – had a problem or issue & needed help from a business NOW.

If they don’t answer your call (or worse, don’t handle it with the tone & professionalism you need), then it can be exceptionally damaging. Client confidence is a fragile thing.

This is where we can REALLY help you: 

We answer every one of your calls with your chosen greeting, in your ‘voice’. We sound like you. Your callers will never know it’s NOT your business they’re speaking with.

When we first start working together, we get to understand the intricacies of your business. Every detail is recorded in our systems here, so we have the information at our fingertips for your callers.

Our team are switched-on, highly skilled professionals. We understand HOW to serve your callers, to deliver the service & answers they need.

Like for Distinct IT – as we get to know you more + more – and it gets better & better for your callers!

Our clients’ businesses come in all shapes in sizes – from start-ups to sole traders, franchisees & £million companies.

And as you grow, we can do more & more for you – like managing your diary; upselling & cross-selling your products + services; and closing your leads.

Whatever stage you’re at, we really can help (here’s that testimonial link again, for you to see more).

Why not take our 2-Week Free Trial? It’s genuinely 100%, no-strings-attached FREE, for 2 whole weeks. It’s the best way to test us out.

10 years from now, we’d love to be celebrating with you, too.

And HUGE thanks to Billy & the Distinct IT team!

Until next time,


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