Sebastian Coe is a very nice chap – Because he’s helped us – he’s found our ‘why’.

And if you’ve not found your ‘why’ yet, in YOUR business – this week’s blog will help!

A few years ago, Ade & I spent the day with him & a room full of businesses owners in Birmingham.

It was a big day for us – as we were finalists in the ‘Best Customer Service’ category of the National Entrepreneur Awards and Lord Coe was handing them out.

Click here to see a super-quick live video from that morning!

And there was HUGE inspiration for all us business owners, hearing him talk about the London 2012 Olympic games.

Lord Coe talked about his big ‘why’. How once they got the ‘why’ together, everything started gelling & running more smoothly, with everyone coming on board

His big ‘why’ was to influence and inspire every single person in the UK – to be an athlete, to be a dancer in the opening ceremony & to get behind the games

He wanted the Olympics to give everyone in our country a better outlook on life.

And it worked! Remember? The enthusiasm became infectious. Even those of us who were indifferent to begin with started to feel that little bubble of anticipation.

People started clamouring for tickets. We started to look forward to the opening ceremony. We found ourselves glued to the TV, rooting for our athletes & celebrating as the gold medals rolled in.

(Ok, well maybe not everyone. But that was certainly the case for lots of us!).

It was wonderful to hear Lord Coe’s take on it all.

And it really got us thinking about our ‘why’ here at Answer My Phone, too.

I KNOW this isn’t new, by the way. I read Simon Sinek’s brilliant book ‘Start with Why’ years ago. I’ve read other countless books since & heard lots of people talk about it.

I’ve just never been able to find it. Never been able to figure out exactly what our ‘why’ is.

If this sounds familiar to you too, I think I’ve finally worked out the problem.

We’ve been thinking too small.

I guess it’s a bit of imposter syndrome?! We have goals & dreams for Answer My Phone, but we’re not looking to be billionaires. We’re never going to send people to Mars or discover a cure for cancer.

So as a small business, having a big “why” felt a bit out of place.

But I’ve realised now that it’s critical. However big your business or your dreams, you still need a big ‘why’ to motivate you, inspire you & drive you on to make a bigger dent in the world.

We’ve found our “why”.  The words need more work. But now, the powerful intention is there.

We’re changing expectations of customer service in the UK.

We must set the standard – ‘this is how it should be done’.

We want to empower our clients to grow.

Because customer service in the UK drives me mad.

SO many business – big and small – are just terribly, terribly bad at it.

Sadly, you expect it from the big banks & telecoms companies. But as small businesses, the only way to compete with the big boys is the beat them on the customer service front.

Every single time.

Your customer experience is the reason people choose YOU. Or at least, it could (and should) be.

When you deliver an outstanding experience for your clients, without fail, they love you. They become raving fans. It creates a deep loyalty that means they’ll never leave you, just because a cheaper offer comes along – because they feel valued, served & know your business will always deliver what they need.

Sure, it’s a big ‘why’. But why not?

If we can help YOU deliver amazing customer service, every single time they contact your business, we’d love to help.

We’re call management experts. So when your clients, suppliers & prospects ring, we don’t just take a message – but all our team are trained to ask themselves ‘what’s the BEST thing to do with this call?’

We answer fast (every time!), sounding exactly like you. Your calls are handled professionally, personally & with care. Your customers get outstanding service, the solutions they need & will never know it’s NOT your staff they’re actually speaking with.

We upsell, cross-sell & drive referrals for you too – all to grow your sales.

If I’ve not convinced you, take a look at what our clients say.

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Wishing you a great week,