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Fancy a 1 MONTH FREE Trial of our award-winning Call Answering Service?

It’s all yours!

There’s some common questions we often get asked, about how it all works.

So read on for everything you need to know (and then just call 02920 695999, to get the ball rolling!).

Is it actually free? What’s the catch?

Yup! Completely free, for 2 whole weeks.

We don’t even take your billing details (it’s SO annoying when people do that & then you have to remember to cancel, before they charge your card!).

It’s unlimited, too. We’ll answer every single one of your calls during that time, so you know exactly how many you’re missing.

If you’re looking for a catch – 98% of people who take a free trial go on to become long-term customers. When you stop having to deal with all your calls for a couple of weeks, you see what life could be like & don’t want to go back!

But from just £99 (+ VAT) per month once you’re free trial’s over, it’s super affordable. So no worries there.

You don’t know my business. How can you answer my phones?

Well – first off, we’re experts. This is all we do. We’ve served thousands of happy clients over the last 15 years & we’ve got pretty good at it!

Secondly, we put in a LOT of work upfront to get to know you.

It’s a bit like how you’d train a new member of staff. All the essential information we need to serve your callers is stored in our central system. So we have it to hand, to help & serve every time a call comes in.

We answer your calls with your chosen greeting, using your business name & sounding like you.

It’s seamless. Your callers never know they’re NOT speaking to someone in your office. In fact, take a look at our testimonials – so many of our clients get asked who their wonderful new staff member is (when it’s really us!).

I’ve used call answering before. It didn’t work…

This is something we hear a lot. And it sucks that there are some really poor companies out there!

In truth, we’ve worked SO hard to build the culture here at AMP. We hire for attitude & only have nice, intelligent people who genuinely love their work in our team.

We’re NOT a call centre, full of disengaged, low-paid workers who can’t wait to knock off for the day.

We know that your success is our success. The more your business grows, the more calls you get. And so the more our business grows, too.

It really IS all about customer service. The service you get from you – and that your clients & callers get, too. We win awards for it and everything (hence me choosing this photo at the top!).

I probably don’t get enough calls to bother.

Maybe not! But let’s say you take just 10 calls a week.

Let’s say you spend 7 minutes on an average call.

That’s 60.6 hours a year you could get back, to work on growing your business & making more money instead.

8 whole working days.

How much could you get done in that time, to drive your business forward? Or anything else you wanted?

And if you think you’re not missing many calls – people are often staggered just how many they ARE missing, when they take the free trial. And just one could be worth £££ to your business.

I’m just busy! I don’t have time to set up something new like this right now…

Yup. We completely get this!

It’s hard when working long days & fighting to get everything done in your business.

But that’s the point. Yes, it might take a couple of hours to get set up (in total – in reality, it’s usually less). But once you’ve spent that time, you free up all those other hours long-term when you’re not stuck on the phone.

It’s super easy to start your free trial. We’ll walk you through it, step by step. We do the work to get set up, so you don’t have to. Honest.

But my callers & clients want to speak to me personally!

Again – totally get this!

But in truth, to grow our business, there HAS to come a time where as the business owner, we’re not accessible 24/7.

Otherwise how can we ever get the time we need to grow & expand?

Yes, there may be a transitional week or two for your clients to adjust. But they will. Just like they do when a long-serving member of staff moves on.

When a call comes in, we’ll take a detailed & accurate message & send it over to you immediately – by email or text.

If you want to, you can deal with it immediately too. Or you can do what most of our clients do, block out dedicated time in your diary to return your calls in one go.

So instead of being interrupted all day long from your more important work (like getting that proposal out or launching that new marketing campaign), you can stay focused & get SO much more done.

And for urgent or VIP calls, we can always patch them through.

My business is too technical or complex.

Honestly? Most businesses are!

We work with some super technical businesses, from IT companies whose clients need front-line IT support to financial services companies, big manufacturers & franchise businesses.

Even if you’re a sole trader, there’ll still be technical stuff that your callers need to know.

But as our testimonials prove, we really can (and do) handle it all for you!

And as our team are all highly-trained sales professionals too, we never let a prospect slip through your fingers, either.


Anything I’ve missed? Any other questions you’d like answered?

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